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Go-go a topless dance .

This services are mainly provided for public parties. Go-Go and topless dance is also good for all bigger parties. In this show one or more girls are dancing with the stick or on the sublime platform. Dancer will be on your party 4 hours and from this time she will be dancing 2 hours. Most common duration of each dance show is from 20 to 30 minutes. But of course it depends mainly on agreement.

Go-Go and topless is posible to order as shorter show.

Go-Go dance - In this show our dancers are clothed into to the special dance costumes for go-go dancing. Usualy girls have for each part of the show different costume.

Topless dance - In this show girls are dancing one hour standard go-go dance and one our topless dance. This show can be done in two ways. First one is that girl will take of her top after 3O minutes of each part. Second way is that the girl will dance first part (1 hour) standard go-go dance and second part will be topless.


Go-go a topless dance Go-go a topless dance Go-go a topless dance

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